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Big Feet Franchise Opportunitytime-to-go

Big Feet Health Clinic Management Consulting Inc is the sole owner of the registered trademark, goodwill and related success in operating health maintenance businesses. It is responsible of all management of  franchisees locations, thus enabling a business connection between all franchisees’ companies which operate businesses under this franchise system’s trademark.


Executive Director: Shirley Z Shaw

Cell:  778-882-3689



Existing Franchisees’ Locations:

Vancouver West :  7950-7956 Granville Street, Vancouver

Richmond:  110-8240 Lansdowne Rd., Richmond

Vancouver East 1:  4880 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Vancouver East 2:  3516 Kingsway, Vancouver

Burnaby: 102-7655 Edmonds St., Burnaby

Surrey: 105-15155 101 Ave., Surrey

Port Moody: 9-3130 St Johns St., Port Moody

Vancouver East 3: 120-2741 E Hasting St. Vancouver

Abbortsford: 5-32298 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford

1470 Johnston Road, White Rock

Unit F 1215-56th St., Tsawwassen, Delta

105-1346 Marine Dr., North Vancouver

773 Fort Street, Victoria, BC

1311 Robson St., Vancouver

Brand Name:

Through 15 years’ joint effort of past and present staff, Big Feet is known in the community for good masseurs, good skills and good prices.

We offer abundant services, transparent pricing, comparatively higher standard masseurs and systematic management. Attracted through advertising and spread of mouth in ethnic and local communities, our clientele consists of different backgrounds, professions, cultures and age groups. Big Feet has developed its “Brand Name” in therapeutic massage.


3About-teh-game-OpportunityMarket Demand

Health related businesses are booming as people are more and more concerned about the up-keeping of their health. Massage is a hand skill that cannot be replaced by machines. People’s expectations of quality of  life is on the rise and massage is now considered a part of health maintenance program. However, to start the business from scratch, lots of potential obstacles have to be dealt with before even starting the operation. Like choice of location, naming of the store, marketing, training, personnel management, customers relation and many more. To join the big family of Big Feet, it will eliminate a lot of the pre-operation problems and you are already joining the group of success.


Lists of support from Main Office:

1) Big Feet, brand name of excellent customer satisfaction20143420689331

2) Reasonable suggestion of choice of location

3) Assistance in licensing applications

4) New staff central training

5) Exclusive operation of business in specific areas

6) Participation in the promotional programs with other franchisees to expand the clientele.

7) Tailored made advertising

8) Mutual support between franchisees locations. Masseurs and staff  understand the importance of mutual help.

9) Minimise risks, head for success

10) You are not alone. You have the full support from the franchisor


1a84e3a0[1]Qualifications of Applicants:

You have to be motivated and in good reputation, believe and have passion for health related business, ready to self- manage.

You have to be able to coordinate well between staff and customers

You have to be the sole owner. You are not allowed to add shareholders in the company acquiring the franchise. The franchise is not transferrable or sold to a third party.

You have to abide by all Canadian laws, professional etiquettes and pay tax.

You have to share the same operating belief as Big Feet, and agree to abide to all regulations, training and supervision.

You have to possess the necessary investment ability and in good standing

You have to have long term development insight and be ready to grow the Big Feet brand name.

You have to possess strong business management skill, always be kind to your staff and respectful to your customers.

You have to actively participate and involve in organizing any market development and staff training programs

You have to actively participate in all community and charity work, celebrations, staff appreciation ceremonies as set up by the head office.

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