Big Feet now employs over 300 masseurs who come from various parts of China and other countries.

Even though they might differ in their dialects, cultural background, living habits and way of thinking, one thing we all have in common is that we are the first immigrants here.  We need to stay together and work together to make our dreams in this beautiful land true.

Big Feet is an organization of friendship and love. We have to break the conservative behaviour of traditional skilled craftsmen.

We hope everyone who joins us will learn the true skills. Every masseur will learn well their technique and will be willing to teach and pass it on to the newcomers.

The company is now run in a structuralized model with defined rules and regulations, staff protection scheme and adherence to government regulations.

Encourage competition among colleagues thru performance statistics.  Learn from the experienced and skilled masseurs. Attend professional training courses.

Maintain a generous company, respect your staff and help increase their income.

Do the best to have returning customers. Happy customers, satisfied staff and franchisees are like a happy family.

Be part of the community and don’t forget your contribution. Do charity work, be kind to your staff, give special help to new immigrants and help your staff when they are in need.

Because of the growth of the company, we will constantly be hiring new staff. We will provide free training to the inexperienced ones. As long as you are hard-working and have strong commitment, all your dreams will come true. Big Feet is your entrance to success.

Remember success doesn’t come by chance. Your future is in your own hand.

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Please see our professional training:

1. Reflexology Traning

2. Acupressure Training

3. Fire Cupping Training

In our fire cupping class: