Manager Greeting

My name is Linda, manager of Big Feet’s Victoria Branch. We are privileged to be located in a British style garden city and one of the most popular tourist destinations. At our elegantly renovated facility, We open every day except Christmas and New Year.
Ever since our grand opening in October 2016, we have been an active community activist and contributor. Our well trained employees have provided excellent acupressure and reflexology services to many locals and out-of-towners.
Great practitioners, great skills, great prices, all in package at Big Feet! Come on and find out!

Different backgrounds, same dedication!

We are a medley of cultures in Big Feet Victoria. Despite having different skin colors, different mother-tongues, and different cultural backgrounds, all of our staffs share a dedication to bring warmth and comfort to our guests. 

Here, we are able appreciate the bashfully-told stories from India, the passionate charm from Mexico, the cool enthusiasm from Australia,  and the easy-going humour from Canada. You can find a bubbly spirit from Japan or a composed smile from Korea greeting you in the hallway, or even catch a piece of cooking tips or two from our Chinese practitioners.

Our big family is always ready to serve our extended family members – our dear clients!