F-1215 56th St., Tsawwassen, Delta, BC.

Manager Greeting

My name is Johnny, manager of Big Feet’s Tsawwassen branch. Located in sunshine Tsawwassen (yes, we enjoy more sunshine than anywhere else in the greater Vancouver area!), we are a relatively young branch (opened in 2016). I love this beautiful small town. The shop resides in a major shopping mall in the town centre and it is nicely renovated. We are capable of serving 10 clients at the same time and we open every day year round. The high quality Big Feet acupressure and reflexology services are openers for the locals. Many of them say they feel like fly every time after they enjoy the services, thanks to the combination and traditional medicine and modern health care therapy. We have groups of clients coming to us especially over the weekends to enjoy their happy hours here. Enjoying Big Feet services has even become a must-have item for many clients’ birthday celebration. Our employees are professional, polite and kind. They all treat customer satisfaction as their priority one. Helping you become healthier and happier is our goal. Welcome to Big Feet!

Waiting for ferry is no longer boring

Waiting for ferry is probably one of the most boring things to do. Fortunately, it can be turned into such a pleasure if you choose to come to Big Feet Tsawwassen branch, close to the ferry terminal, for a high quality massage (reflexology/acupressure), while you wait for your ferry. Not only could you find your ferry waiting enjoyable indeed but also would you be relaxed and energized for your post ferry ride activities, business or leisure.

Budgeting an hour with us and making your trip more enjoyable!