I came in randomly on a weekday with no appointment. I did a one session body massage. The practitioner was very good. Pressure was strong enough, placement was good, only the pace was not perfect, but rarely can a female therapist have the glacial pace I prefer. I didn’t ask for oil and didn’t get it, which was better for me because I had to work after. I thought this business had been shut down because they were redeveloping the building or something, as I remember it being really popular. They renovated it inside and it looks really nice. The rooms actually have walls and ceilings. I’m not sure if there is a double (couples) room. The bathroom was good too. Clean and big enough. Had a fan as well.

Merle Langlois

Rave ::: Oh my God ! This place , affordable and incredible therapy ! If you are lucky to have extended some of the treatments covered too I am here and feeling such relief from rheumatoid arthritis ! They are doing some acupressure / acupuncture for my spine surgery too !My hump neck was treated on Saturday and went right back in ! Recommend it to you all Harvey is the acupuncture guy ! And the masseuses are amazing. I was blessed to have had Jenny and Harry ! Hubby is with Alex having accupressure and walking so much straighter after one session !

Li Jin

Excellent service and a comfortable environment with technicians who listen and care about my problems. I hurt my back in the gym and went to a chiropractor twice with only minor improvements. I came here and did an entire session of body massage then I immediately felt my back pain was getting better. I had two technicians. They both are good listeners and care for my issues. I don’t know about other technicians, but from what I experienced, this is a guaranteed five-star rating.

Cheng David

Went there at the last minute for a massage – the lady’s were really nice and informed. Jennie was amazing! She’s also an RMT and reads my body well during the massage . She worked my sore spots and made me feel like a million bucks . I would 100% recommend her if you’re in need.


Very fortunate to have this very reasonably priced massage clinic in Coquitlam. Not a high end spa, but with skilled practitioners who greatly appreciate any tips for their efforts. They’re very accommodating of late bookings, and the owner, Tom, has a true passion for helping people, and is almost always working. They don’t waste any time getting to work, so don’t expect 15 minutes of conversation first!


Big Feet Victoria Store is seriously amazing. It’s become my routine after a long run to treat my feet and legs to some recovery love. The price is so cheap for an hour of bliss! The acupressure massage is no joke either. Getting in on the same day as booking is the cherry on top:)

Dianna Derksen

Edmonds Burnaby is one of the best locations I’ve been to. All of the workers know what they’re doing, they have amazing technique and a perfect amount of pressure. You can tell they were taught by an expert. Very polite staff and clean facility

Jay Morgan

I booked a body massage as well as a foot massage. The body massage was absolutely fantastic. The service was amazing, and the man was very friendly. Hands down, it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. The attention to detail was very impressive, and the services were very thorough. I also got cupping as per the man’s suggestion, a must try! The foot massage was equally as pleasant. I will definitely be coming back. It’s a must go location – Big Feet Granville Store!

Thomas Kirkwood

I give most big feet and other reflexology places 5 stars but gotta say this one is one of my faves – Big Feet Hastings. Got the full body massage and it was so excellent. I can honestly say I feel significantly better after having gone. My symptoms are almost completely relieved. The practitioner was extremely skillful and was not afraid to apply the amount of pressure I requested. I would 100% return if I’m in the area.

Jay Morgan

Big Feet Kingsway, I love this place so much!! You must go!! I had a very bad back pain but right after they finished my massage it was all gone! I tried many places but they all didn’t do the best!! This place is the best of the bests!! It’s also very clean and chill. I recommend you go!