Wonderful place. Highly recommend. I had migraines for the last two months straight. Waking up every 30 to 40 minutes while I sleep. Chiropractor didn’t work. So I went to here then massage my neck for 45 minutes and then they massage my feet for 25 minutes. That night I kid you not I had a wonderful sleep and I woke up with no migraine no headache etc.

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David Windal

I have gone to many Big Feet locations & this is by far the best one! They are always able to accommodate my friends and I, & always treat us like family whenever we visit. This location is always clean & has a quieter atmosphere which is great.
Ask for Jenny!

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Eric C

I have been there a few times and just got back from a mani / pedi. They do an amazing job. Comfortable massage chair, and I got a fantastic massage and they even used hot stones as well. The nails look great. Friendly ladies and great prices.

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Arlene Martell

Went for a full body massage. I have a chronic neck problem and was in a lot of pain this day – should probably be getting specialized services a lot more often but cost is always a barrier.

Great prices and great experience! Very thorough massage and very professional staff.

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Chloe Traynor

WoW, just WoW, Jake is an excellent massage therapist! I’ve been getting sports massages for over 20 years and I must say Jake is definitely one of the very best. He’s knowledgeable and strong, but the thing that most impresses me is that he also consistent!
I’ve started off with good massage from other therapist and over time. the quality fades,not with Jake. He listens each and every
Time and I get the massage I need for what’s sailing. I also love the hot towels at the end.
Very soothing and relaxing and I don’t feel greasy when I’m done. His office is very convenient and clean and soothing ambiance.
I get at least 2 massage a month, sometimes up to 4 and it’s well worth it counter my busy and stressful life!

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David K

Soooo good. Very reasonable prices too. I got an hour long massage for 45$. Don’t go here if you don’t enjoy a lot of pressure. For me it was perfect as I find most places don’t listen to me when I request 10/10 pressure. I feel truly relieved, a lot of my muscle knots were destroyed. And although it was a little painful it was worth it. When I touch my neck area it feels so much less tense than before I went. Also I found that the massage therapist or whatever their title is knew exactly where my problem areas were and focused on those- rather than the whole body. I found it relaxing as well as relieving, was almost falling asleep. Will definitely be returning.

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Jay Morgen

This is always my first choice to go for every time I need a massage. I have been there so many times and been served by many different therapists. Everyone of them is well trained and can fully target and relief my shoulder and lower back pain. The entire store is well maintained. Also the front desk is really friendly and always tries to fit me in when I just walk in. I always walk out with a fresh body and mind. Highly recommend!

Ps. Early appointment will save you a lot of time.

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Summer Guo

I been going here over a year now. I always book for Mark. You cant go wrong with him. If you haven’t tried, ask for Mark. He is too busy sometimes its hard to book an appt with him. I called yesterday but he was fully booked all day. So I have to pre-book a day before. Highly Recommended!!

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Mark is really a professional and responsible technician. The force is in place, the technique is exquisite and the point is very accurate. He will not regret his strength because of his hard work. You know, massage is actually a very hard job. It is necessary for the technician to use his own strength to achieve the effect. I really recommend Mark. I also hope that friends who come here to massage, if you recognize your technician, please also give the corresponding tip. After all, if people do it seriously, you will benefit from health.

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Tao Liu

My friend recommended me Big Feet and it is the first time i tried here . The environment in Big Feet is very good, very clean, the service is good, the technicians work conscientiously. Although it is half an hour to drive, but I really like Big Feet and it is worth trying, I will come here very often. I strongly recommend you to try Big Feet also

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Jun Liu