Recruitment & Positions

Big Feet currently employs over 300 practitioners from different regions and cultural backgrounds. Despite of different languages, life styles and so on, the employees get along with and care about each other and the company is just like a big family. Unlike in some other professions where people tend to keep the skills to themselves as a way to protect themselves from potential competition, at Big Feet, everyone is so used to being a learner and later a teacher comfortably. As a result, new employees are able to learn and get up to speed quickly.

After nearly two decades of growth, Big Feet enjoys scale of economy with comprehensive operation systems, employment security and compliance of all applicable government rules and regulations.

Big Feet is a caring and generous organization where hard working employees enjoy competitive incomes.

Big Feet is also an organization with strong sense of social responsibilities. It not only makes significant contributions to charities but also trains talents for the society. Big Feet encourages people to continuously study, participate in company operations and take ownership of their own destination.

Remember, successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do!

We are constantly looking for foot reflexology and acupressurist, either experienced talents or dedicated trainees. And acupuncture therapists Registered in BC.

Big Feet Training

Thinking of career changes but troubled by lack of experience? Big Feet training is the answer for you!

Profession Advantages:

  1. It is a skill that can truly benefit people.
  2. It is a healing and preventative measure that can help you and your loved ones.
  3. It is a technique you can improve upon and master.
  4. It is a traditional practice that cannot be replaced by machines.
  5. It is a practice where you interact with customers, developing relationships.
  6. Our practice allows for freedom of scheduling, whether you have time or are busy.
  7. Our managers care, we provide a comfortable working environment.
  8. Our profession allows for career advancement and pays well.
  9. Experienced practitioners attain loyal followings who will follow them where they go.
  10. Our industry provides both professional and business opportunities.

Acupressure and reflexology courses will be taught by registered TCM Practitioner in BC and RAC (Reflexology Association of Canada) examiner. The training program consists of two components, classroom learning and guided practice. Certificates will be issued to those who meet all requirements.

1. Reflexology Training

2. Acupressure Training

3. Employee Training

For more details, please phone us or contact us at We will give you a reply as soon as possible.

Your resume and related information will be kept in our files for 6 months for job opening. To protect your privacy, we will destroy your records after 6 months.