1-33222 Old Yale Road Abbotsford, BC

Manager Greeting

I am branch manager Iris. Big Feet is located in the central area of Abbotsford which is easy and convenient to reach. We open every day except holidays. There are five reflexology chairs, five massage tables in single rooms and double room. We provide TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medical ) acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, cupping and etc.. We are trying to build quiet, relaxation and comfortable atmosphere, so that customers enjoy a high quality, unique TCM program experience. Welcome to Big Feet!

Harvey, two thumbs up!

Harvey is an outstanding therapist who won Big Feet “Award of 2019”. Before coming to Canada, Harvey was a doctor at a Class AAA general hospital in China. He enjoys helping people take care of their health, hence he joined Big Feet in its early stage and was one of the best practitioners. Realizing that he needs to pursue more in healthcare field, Harvey went back to China to study in a Traditional Chinese Medicine University, learned from Massage Master Prof. WEI, Guikang, then he returned to Big Feet. Now he is a Registered Acupuncturist in BC. Harvey has acquired a good number of loyal clients and his reputation got spread simply through word of mouth.

Keep it up, Harvey!