Manager Greeting

Big Feet’s North Vancouver branch. Located on the busy Marine Dr, we have been serving large number of clients at our elegantly renovated facility since November 2016. We have capacity to provide acupressure and reflexology services to more than 10 clients, at the same time. All employees are well trained and the facility is clean, cozy and professionally managed. We serve our clients with not just our hands but our hearts as well. Let friends tell friends, come on and enjoy the eco- friendly treatment and relaxation!

Welcome to Big Feet on the North Shore!

Established in November 2016, the North Vancouver branch boasts one of the strongest teams in the Big Feet group.

Peter: studied at Beijing Chinese Medicine University majoring massage and acupressure. Through extensive experimenting and practicing at Big Feet, Peter mastered the highly recognized Big Feet skills with his unique characteristics. The sales manager of Grouse Mountain is so impressed with Peter’s services that he opened a company account with us and by far seven Grouse Mountain have come to enjoy our outstanding services.

Davie: a basketball coach and experienced athletic masseur from China. Since joining us, Davie has developed a sizable group of fans including a Indian elderly lady who comes to see Davie twice a week because Davie relieved her persistent chronic pains.

Joe: highly experienced practitioner who actually created acupoint massage of his own style. His clients are always satisfied with Joe’s two thumbs up services. A stroke patient was even able to stand up from his wheelchair and walk a few steps after 12 sessions with Joe. He was so amazed with the Chinese medicine therapies.

Annie and Candy: popular female therapists with loyal clients from various cultural backgrounds.

Linda: Registered Acupuncture Therapist

Alex: acupuncture therapist who successfully treated a depression patient from Downtown Vancouver who always came depressed and leave relieved.

Our team also includes Jennifer, Tin and Lily, etc. It’s really an awesome family of high quality professional therapists. As our name receives more and more recognition, we are attracting increasing number of local and out-of-towner clients.