120-2741 E Hastings St. Vancouver, BC.


Manager's Greeting

My name is Jenny, manager of Big Feet’s Hastings branch (close to PNE). We open almost every day. The environment is quiet and comfortable. There are single rooms, double rooms and foot pressing area with large space, which can receive more than 10 customers at the same time. Customers can have a good rest while enjoying massage here.
Our excellent services and attractive pricing have brought us many repeated clients. All my team members are systematically trained, highly experienced, treat people sincerely and sincerely, and there are many repeat customers. Here is the best choice for you to enjoy the most authentic foot massage, meridian massage, lymphatic detoxification, acupuncture and moxibustion, scraping and cupping, and ancient pedicure services!
We carry forward traditional Chinese medicine culture, advocate the concept of green and healthy life, and create a comfortable, relaxed, warm and noble enjoyment space for customers. This is an ideal place for you, your family and friends to have leisure and health care, birthday parties or business negotiations! Welcome to try us!

During the epidemic, we carried out prevention and control in three aspects: environmental disinfection, personnel control and material allocation: the store was ventilated twice in the morning and evening to ensure air circulation in the store. The corridor, work area, toilet and rest room area shall be sterilized with all-round high frequency every day; All articles (towels, bed sheets, etc.) contacted by guests shall be strictly disinfected for each guest; The on-duty technician shall carry out self inspection procedures and check the body temperature by himself. If there are any discomfort symptoms, arrange to return home for rest and testing; Technicians must wear masks and gloves throughout the clock to prevent the spread of droplets, wash their hands frequently with six steps of hand washing and rinse their mouth with light saline for disinfection; Guests are required to make an appointment and wear masks when entering the store. Guests are kept 2 meters away or separated by baffles to ensure the hygiene and health of each guest. At the same time, the store is equipped with disposable masks, disposable gloves, disposable water cups, medical alcohol, hand sanitizer, thermometer, disinfectant wipes, toilet paper and other sufficient disinfection and health materials. We do our best to protect public safety.

Our shop has a strong team, Registered acupuncturist Alex Feng is benevolent and kind, and has comprehensive acupuncture and pedicure skills; Jenny and Albin, registered foot masseur with many years of physical therapy experience, are good at dealing with all kinds of physical discomfort; Technicians Mike and Allen are highly skilled and praised by guests. Try once and never forget! Senior technicians Apple, Nini and Yan are more skilled, and guests are waiting for an appointment for them; But the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and many technicians are improving their skills every day……In short, the needs of customers are the driving force of our unremitting pursuit! Making every guest satisfied is our eternal goal!