1470 Johnston Rd., White Rock, BC.

Manager Greeting

My name is Cindy, manager of Big Feet’s White Rock branch. We are located in a beautiful border town with super easy access from both Canada and the US. We open every day with the capacity to serve more than 10 clients at the same time.
Since our grand opening more than 6 years ago, we have been successfully growing our clientele through our dedication and hard work. We are specialized in body massage, foot massage, acupuncture and lymph drainage massage and more. Our practitioners are all well trained and work very hard to continuously improve their skills and they have earned their recognition and respect from our clients. Our place is well designed, arranged and kept such that all our clients fully enjoy their visits. We sincerely invite all of you to visit us and enjoy the excellent services we offer.

Safety First, Precaution Crucial

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought some inconvenience to our lives. In order to provide you hygienic and safe services, we are working to protect people in three aspects: environmental disinfection, personnel control, and material preparation.
Our store requirements: The store is ventilated twice in morning and evening to ensure air circulation. There are disinfection in lobby, working area, washrooms and stuff room high frequency every day by using spray disinfection. All customer supplies are changed and disinfected per visit.
Therapists will have their temperature tested everyday when they come to work. If the temperature is higher that 37.8 ℃ or have any symptoms that FraserHealth listed, they will be asked to go for a medical check. When therapists on duty, they wear mask and gloves to avoid spreading, washing hands as health department 6-step direction, using 75% alcohol for disinfection. When customers come in, we will check their temperature, if it is higher than 37.8℃ or have suspicious symptoms, they will be kindly persuaded to leave to avoid cross-infection. Customers should keep a distance of 2 meters or separated by a barrier for protection.
The store has sufficient sanitary supplies such as masks, 75% medical alcohol, hand sanitizer, disposable cups, thermometers, and disinfectant wipes. We do our best to ensure public safety.