19-46030 Yale Rd West, Chilliwack, BC.

Manager Greeting

My name is Jennie, the manager of the Big Feet Chilliwack branch. We are located within the Salish Plaza in the heart of downtown Chilliwack. With convenient transit and plenty of parking spots, you could find all your shopping needs in this grocery-anchored neighborhood retail shopping mall and more importantly, enjoy a relaxing or a therapeutic massage treatment with us at one stop. We have 4 treatment rooms,2 of which could accomadate 2 guests at the same time. We also have a cozy and quiet foot lounge that could accommodate 5 guests at the same time. Our Big Feet certified reflexologists, acupressure practitioners, and registered massage therapists (RMT) are devoted to providing our best services. In the past year, we have had a smooth management transition at Chilliwack branch with the support of our new and old clients. As always, we keep our space clean and tidy with high hygiene standards. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Big Feet Chilliwack

Since 2020, every corner of the world has been affected by COVID-19. Every person and every industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges. The epidemic is merciless, so Big Feet has become an unbeatable warrior in the massage industry. Our team is also growing day by day. Big Feet Health Care Group is the largest franchise chain professional health care service organization in BC Province. Now has set up 20 chain stores, reputation is getting bigger and bigger, praise resounded throughout the Greater Vancouver area, no matter the guests go to any city in Vancouver, tired stop to find any Big Feet, will bring them the same quality service, not only reduce fatigue but also get health. Under the guidance of CEO Shirley, Big Feet employs social and publicity platforms such as Facebook and Google to attract and accumulate more customers and promote its corporate image, corporate culture, and corporate dynamics in a timely and extensive manner.
In order to make it easier for guests west of Hope to enjoy the excellent service of Foot King, the headquarters opened a branch in Chilliwack in 2018, bringing good news to guests here. Chilliwack, located on the south bank of the Fraser River, is an important town in the central Fraser Valley of BC province. Although Chilliwack is mostly white, the Chinese meridian massage technique has long been recognized by many people.
They not only like body massage and foot massage but also accept traditional Chinese medicine methods such as Gua Sha and cupping. More and more people understand the importance of health for life, especially during the pandemic period, only by improving their own immunity can they better fight against viruses. Yao as a shopkeeper, opened four years to adhere to and follow the group headquarters unified price, unified service quality, shop in the local has got a lot of guests spoke highly of, is also has a lot of guests, who were our faith in the glory and pride of the profession, our smile is willing to share the joy with you, our technology hope to give you peace and health.
Big Feet group has always been a pioneer in the industry with excellent price and service. Though because of the outbreak, the benefit of the enterprise is affected by a lot of, difficulties in the enterprise survival environment, Big Feet group in order to give back to the old customer, in order to accumulate more new customers, group headquarters decided to twice a year VIP card sales promotion activities, buy VIP customers can enjoy a 20% bonus, this year will start from May 1, 2022, Until June 30, 2022.
The epidemic is not over yet, but life must continue, how to improve the happiness index, only have a healthy body, tomorrow will be better.