4880 Victoria Dr., Vancouver, BC.

Manager Greeting

My name is Jassy, manager of Big Feet’s 33rd Ave (33rd Ave. & Victoria Dr.) branch. Our branch has been in business for more than 10 years. The facility is clean, neat and spacious. We can offer services to more than 10 clients simultaneously and open seven days per week!

Acupressure and reflexology are precious human heritage and Big Feet is one of the best practitioners. Our branch is the home for a good number of highly experienced therapists who earned their reputation and respect through years’ of dedication and performance excellence. I am proud of my team.

On behalf of all employees, I wish to thank all clients for your business and we always want to add happiness to your lives! Thank you!

Making appointment with Susan? The earlier the better!

Susan’s daily schedule is typically full of appointments. And the appointments are usually made in well advance. Susan has such a good reputation that most of her clients repeatedly come back to see her and enjoy her services.

She is not only just a highly experienced practitioner but also someone you would likely want to make friend with. Susan is such a self-motivated employee that she can always find ways to do things better and find ways to help people around her including clients and co-workers. She always treats clients the way she would like to be treated herself.

Susan is the name to remember when you make an appointment with us!