5258 Imperial St., Burnaby, BC.

Manager Greeting

I'm Amy, the store manager. The store is located on the main traffic road in South Burnaby. It is convenient to travel. There are six treatment beds and six foot massage chairs. The environment is comfortable, the hygiene is good, and the items are tidy. Except for special holidays, all year round 24/7.
We offer standard Big Feet body massage,foot massage and acupuncture treatment services. Professionally trained staff are efficient, professional, enthusiastic and smiling. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, if the pain is relieved, the cause of the pain will be blocked, and the cause of the pain will be unblocked, so that the qi and blood of the whole body can run smoothly, and the balance of yin and yang of the human body can be achieved, and the spirit can be cured. There are many positive reviews from customers, and a considerable number of customers are repeat customers or recommended by friends, and feel ``reassured`` and ``steady`` for such a recommendation, which is called ``conscience recommendation``. Thank you for your long-term love. We will continue to go all out to improve our various technologies and serve the public well. Sincerely welcome you all!

Acupuncture, Foot & Body Massage?
I Strongly recommend Big Feet!

Big Feet of Imperial Shop is located next to Burnaby Royal oak sky station, with convenient transportation. Affordable prices for all kinds of services .I walked to the store 2 minutes after I got off the bus, and I was deeply impressed by the smiling service of the technicians and the clean and tidy environment in the store. At that time, because of my shoulder pain, a friend introduced the acupuncturist Andy to give me a session of acupuncture and massage, which immediately relieved the uncomfortable shoulder, and my mental state immediately improved a lot. In the future, whenever I feel stressed or feel uncomfortable, I will want to go to Big Feet of Imperial Shop for acupuncture or massage. I went there many times, and found that Amy, Jason, Anita and many other staff in their shop are very skilled, which makes me very satisfied. It is better to be alone than to be happy with others. Therefore, I recommended many friends to go to Big Feet for a massage. All of them said that the service is good, the technology is good, and the price is good. Big Feet massage shop is really a good place for health care and massage!