102-7655 Edmonds St., Burnaby, BC.


Manager Greeting

My name is Jack, the manager of Big Feet Edmonds branch. On behalf of our team we welcome you to visit our shop. Our facility is clean, quiet, with top quality equipment, well sanitized by the measurements of Covid-19. We must fulfill the guidance from our Head Quarter: Never ever use an item for our client if our employee doesn’t want to use it themself.
Our strong team of practitioners are kind and hospitable to serve you with excellent techniques of Big Feet style. We have registered traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and registered reflexologists plus traditional Chinese style of pedicure practitioner to meet all your needs. Your needs are the goal for us to pursue relentlessly.
Our shop is located on Edmonds St. in between Kingsway and Canada Way, with parking at rear of the shop or street parking. We open every day through the year. You can simply walk in, book by phone or make reservation online, we will do what we could to accommodate your need. With my team, I am looking forward to your visit.

Stepping into its 9th year of operation, Big Feet Edmonds has gotten lots of feedback from many clients for its cleanness and tidiness. To our valued customers, we are known for our comfortable and spacious interior with a serene environment. That combination gives you a nice relaxation while enjoying our services. Here we have a team of professional massage practitioners and acupuncturists being led by Jack, our store manager. Jack is a registered reflexologist with the Reflexology Association of Canada with many years of professional management experience. We treat our customers’ problems with care, courtesy and sincerity, and strive to improve our techniques constantly. Subsequently, we have earned the commendations from many customers and various cultures. We understand a service never be the best, but we can do better, and we believe an uttermost genuine service is the key to the satisfaction of our customers.