110-8240 Lansdowne Rd., Richmond, BC.

Manager Greeting

My name is Shirley, manager of Big Feet’s Lansdowne branch, close to Lansdowne Mall and Skytrain station, very convenient even by transit. We have 12 rooms and 12 foot massage chairs capable of serving more than 20 clients simultaneously. We open every day except holidays. We offer the best of acupressure, reflexology and acupuncture services. All employees are systematically trained and many of them are well experienced veterans. In the past 12 years, many clients come to us, with their families and friends frequently, for their favorite practitioners. We are so grateful and honored to serve you. We are always here welcoming you!

With his needles, Dennis can do magic!

Western and Chinese medicine, which is better? You will get different answers from different people. I can only speak for myself based on my actual personal experiences.

I have been living in Canada for 7 years and I developed multiple medical conditions one of which being severe difficulty to breathe. I saw doctors at family clinics and hospitals so many times but none of them was able to explain what happened to my health. One of them even insisted that I had anxiety and that is just ridiculous. Long story short, I am really disappointed with the quality of our health care system and the professionalism of many of the doctors I consulted with.

I felt so frustrated and hopeless at many occasions.

God didn’t abandon me. God guided me to Dennis, a wonderful and highly experienced practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Dennis is such a good listener. He tried so hard to understand my health issues and utilize acupuncture plus Chinese herbs to treat my conditions wholisticaly.

Now, here I am, able to work and lively normally again! I am so grateful for Dennis’ help and I highly recommend him to everyone!