A-20483 Fraser HWY, Langley, BC.

Manager Greeting

My name is Julie, manager of Big Feet’s Langley branch. We are conveniently located on a pedestrian street in old Langley town centre. Our place is quiet and well renovated, a really nice place to enjoy health care therapy and relaxation. Lots of free parking space too. With the capacity to serve 8 clients at the same time, we open every day. We offer high quality Big Feet acupressure, reflexology and acupuncture services. All our employees are well trained. Some of them are registered acupuncture therapists or registered reflexology therapists. I myself has been with Big Feet for more than 15 years!
We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves. We appreciate your help to share your pleasant experience at Big Feet with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you soon, over and over again!

Not a large facility, yet full of talents!

George, a registered osteopath in Canada with 40+ years of experience in practicing medicine. is great at helping clients relieve from depression, muscle stress, pains and mobility constraints. 90% clients state significant relief right , after their first treatment and 75% of George’s clients return for more visits.

Houda, a registered acupuncture practitioner, does miracles with a simple needle! So many clients are amazed by outstanding acupuncture skills.

Kevin, our youngest reflexology expert, earned so much respect and applauds from lots of clients who are highly satisfied with Kevin’s services. “I have not felt so relaxed in my rib cage for years: he finally managed to push my shoulders apart.”, said one regular client.