I’ve been here a few times and have always enjoyed it.  All the workers are pretty good so I was a bit disappointed when Mindy was working on my reflexology on Sunday.

During the massage, I kept thinking that she was either new or just not interested and then about 2/3 of the way through she excused herself because she wasn’t feeling well.  “Ah ha, I thought”, that explains it.  Another lady took over and she was much more engaged.  However, I felt off balance.  Two different people with very different energies worked on me.  Mindy never should’ve started my reflexology in the first place or she should’ve handed it off sooner.  When the replacement lady was finished, the manager person came by and “finished” the process again.  Which did nothing to elevate my off balance energy.  As a practitioner, your energy is very important while giving your service and this whole experience totally reflected that.  Of course, they thought that the “finish” made up for it and didn’t offer me a discount on my next visit or anything to make up for it.

I might visit again, but there a many other reflexology places around that are just as good if not better.