2020 Oxford Connector #112, Port Coquitlam, BC

Manager Greeting

My name is Alice, the manager of Big Feet Port Coquitlam branch. We are located within the Oxford Market mall, easily accessible by transit and have convenient parking available. Our location has 4 treatment rooms and a large reflexology area capable of serving 8 customers at a time. We aim to provide a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment for our valued customers. Employees of this branch include Certified Acupuncturists, Certified Reflexologists, and Big Feet certified Reflexology & Acupressure Practitioners. We strive to providing our best services we can offer. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Newest Member of the Big Feet Family 

Grand opening on March 8th, 2022, Port Coquitlam location is the newest addition to the Big Feet family. After 2 years of difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic, this new store signals brand new growth for the company. Manager Alice and her team of practitioners are very excited to provide massage services to both new and returning customers in this area.
The Port Coquitlam Team includes:
Julia, a licensed Acupuncturist currently studying to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. She’s knowledgeable and always passionate to help customers deal with chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia, and many other conditions. She’s recently helped lots of patients with post-covid19 or post-vaccination illnesses.
Niya, a female practitioner with strong powerful hands & great massage techniques.
Nathan, a recently graduated RMT student who enjoys putting the knowledge he learned in school to good use. He is skilled in reflexology and deep tissue massages.