1118-7318 137 ST., SURREY, BC.


Manager Greeting

We are Maura and Tracy, co-managers of Big Feet’s Newton branch. We are in central Surrey’ CBD, easy to come easy to park! We are capable of serving more than 10 clients at our clean and elegantly renovated facility. Clients find themselves at home when visiting us. We offer high standard Big Feet acupressure and reflexology services. Our professional practitioners treat clients like friends and family. We get known and recognized mostly through word of mouth. We open every day and you are always welcome!

Come on! Hurry back and make yourselves at home!

Any time when you step into our shop, you are greeted by smiling employees. Soft music in well designed and elegantly renovated rooms creates super relaxing atmosphere, especially in our unique VIP suite where the interior walls are painted with ocean views.

We are relatively new but we have already earned a great reputation in our community. We have become a popular venue for family and friend gatherings. Our clients make themselves at home here while enjoying our awesome services and we are so pleased to see that.

As a new entrant, we have made our splash on the market and we will only get better and better, more and more recognized as a high quality low cost reflexology/acupressure service provider.

Come on, try and fall in love with Big Feet services!