Big Feet started operating in  Vancouver West area in 2002. By 2018, Big Feet flourished to 20 locations in BC province.

Our Company’s Operating Mottos

Promote our long traditional healing massage practitioners;.

Supply quality training in techniques and skills;

Help new immigrants to acquire skills and get jobs, enhancing their ability to assimilate into the community.

 Our Appearances

Simple and clean store setup, tidy uniforms, male and female masseurs with excellent skills.

 Our Team

160+ staff in different shifts, providing the best service.

 Our Operations

Can provide the best suited massage treatments to 100 customers concurrently in different store locations.

Services Available

Reflexology, Acupressure, lymph nodes detoxification,  Fire cupping& Gua Sha (scraping) ,  Acupuncture.


Reasonable and competitive pricing;

Special massage and treatment promotional programs twice a year that offer savings to customers.


Mutual respect to different cultures, religions, living habits of staff and customers.


In the past 17 years, we have been providing the best training to our masseurs and at the same time educating them to respect and do their best to facilitate our customers’ well-being and good health.

Regular training classes to over 300 interested participants;
Occasional advanced classes;
Active participation of staff  in refresher courses.

Involve all staff in the store’s management. Everyone is the store-in-charge on a rotational basis. Not only our staff  are excellent in their skills, but also well trained in business and personnel management.

Explore achievements of Big Feet below: