October 22, 2015, Big Feet participated Fundraising Banquet for the Celebration of Victory of the 70 of World Anti-Fascist War
and Commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of Dr. Norman Bethune’s Passing.


On October 20 this year, franchisees of Big Feet Health Group had a fun outdoor activity.


Big Feet 10 Stores throughout the Greater Vancouver Area

Till today (08/08/2015), Big Feet Health Group has 10 franchise branches throughout the Greater Vancouver area, and each location is serving customers with professional therapists, traditional techniques and unbeatable prices.





1a84e3a0[1]After 14 years of development and expansion, Big Feet Health Group has been growing into one of the leading health care organizations in Canada due to our strong service capabilities.

We now have 10 franchise branches throughout the Greater Vancouver Area, and is continuing to expand.

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Big Feet donated $22,000 to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in October 2014.




Lisa Yuan, the manager of Kingsway Branch and Victoria Branch of Big Feet Health Group, is an ambassador for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.






The top two donors of Big Feet Health Group, Walliam Fan and Lisa Yuan.